Get Better not Bitter from Life!

Get better with Life and not bitter from it!
Over the course of our lifetimes, we will all go through myriad experiences. Several of them may be nasty, traumatic and will leave you wondering if Life is indeed worth living. You will lose trust in humanity and will want to be wary even of friends, family and colleagues. Such bitterness will maybe make you prevent further trespasses on your privacy and emotions, but will leave you totally wrecked.
The way to deal with such situations in Life is to be loving. Just as you can learn swimming, cooking, painting and driving, you can learn (to be) loving too! And when you are loving, you will learn forgiving. With forgiveness__for what people did to you__comes freedom. And with that comes peace.
Ultimately, you cause your own frustrations. How much ever you find reasons to justify what or who created a situation that makes you feel frustrated, in the end, the buck stops with you. And unless YOU decide to NOT feel frustrated with your situation__whether you invited it upon yourself or it was forced on you is immaterial__anymore, you will feel no better. You will only feel bitter.
End the bitterness by opening up love. Overcoming small or big irritations and injustices by giving the situation and the perpetrator love, instead of anger, is how you practice loving. Bitterness means you don’t know the real meaning of Life. That Life is not about what we fret over but is about what rejoice over. Loving is the ability to look beyond what’s evident. On a busy day you see two motorists locked in a street brawl on who made the mistake of ramming into the other first. At first sight you will be bitter about them because you are the one whose Life, work, schedules are all held up. But if you observe closely, the two men are projecting on to each other what they are already feeling deep within themselves. Anger and hatred. Maybe one is in a bad relationship. Maybe the other has a lousy boss. So, both of them are finding a way to vent themselves. Now, observing them, don’t curse them both. Instead give them all your loving, given them your patience, give them your understanding and your positive energy. It may not make them declare a ceasefire immediately, but it will at least make you stop fuming!
Protecting yourself is the only way to avoid bitterness in Life. Just like cricketers use helmets to prevent head injuries while playing the game, use love, and your power to love, as a protection against bitterness. You can get better at Life by letting love be your dominant, not suppressed, emotion, your perpetual state of being. Both those who are loving in Life and bitter in Life live in the same world. It’s who you are that makes your world better or bitter! 
So, you decide!

Author: AVIS Viswanathan

the happynesswala - Inspired Speaker, Life Coach and Author of "Fall Like A Rose Petal"; Inspiring 'Happyness'!

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