When nothing works, know that Life’s working on you!

When you think that nothing’s working for you know that Life is still working on you!


There will be those times in Life when all your efforts will come to a naught. And you will want to simply die. You will not see any light at the end of the tunnel. At such a time, instead of grieving and hating the phase you find yourself in, if you focus on what Life may be trying to teach you, you will discover that entire tunnel lights up. It’s amazing this discovery, this awareness, that Life’s working on you all the time.

Life happens differently to each of us. And trying to know why it happens that way or why something is happening to you is futile. Instead just know that there is a reason, why you are faced with whatever you are facing, which will reveal itself to you at some time. And love Life for continuing to teach you how to live. This is so true. We all work ourselves up for the smallest reasons. We worry. We fret. Fume. We sink into sorrow and depression when our expectations are not met or when we lose something or someone. Yet, Life does not give up on us. Through every trial it is teaching us__you and me__how to live better and be happier despite our circumstances.

This isn’t about cultivating hope. It is about acceptance. You often decide to give up on something after having tried all ways to solve a problem situation. But you still remain in pain and are suffering. The reason why you continue to suffer is because you haven’t given up completely. Hope can be dangerous when you don’t temper it with reality. There must be a bifocal approach to Life. Focus on your harsh, brutal reality and also focus on your vision for yourself. You cannot let go of one for the other. Both must be pursued equally. Giving up is not about giving up either or both. Giving up is the letting go of an expectation that what you are going through will be resolved soon or in a specific timeframe. Giving up is ridding yourself of the expectation that your efforts will bear fruit immediately. When you be at your problem this way, which is while enduring the pain you don’t have any expectation of the pain going away anytime soon, you will not suffer at all.

The only thing you need to understand to live Life fully__and happily__is that Life cannot be understood. It has to only be lived and learned __ one day at a time! Know that Life’s working on you, through your challenges, trials and tribulations. And you are only getting better at living it with every blow you face and with your every fall!

Author: AVIS Viswanathan

the happynesswala - Inspired Speaker, Life Coach and Author of "Fall Like A Rose Petal"; Inspiring 'Happyness'!

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