Be adamant about your faith, not about worrying!

The human mind feeds on worries. It simply has no other work to do than throw up newer worries when either old ones get resolved or become irrelevant. And because we have not learned to train and tame the mind, we have become obsessed with worrying. In a weird way, worrying is comforting. Because it keeps the mind engaged. But such engagement is ruinous because it takes us away from living fully, because it is not focused on the now. All worries pertain to guilt and baggage from the past or to anxiety about the future. So, while you may be anywhere physically, you are simply not present.
A man had problems in every aspect of his Life. From his finances to his health to his relationships, every part of his Life was in disarray. He was a great believer though and said his prayers without fail twice daily. Yet he worried a lot. All day he would walk around like a zombie – beaten, broken, bruised, hassled, harried and worried. One day God appeared in front of him. And this is how their conversation went.
The man: God, I am blessed you have appeared before me. I knew my faith in you will pay off one day. Now, please solve all the problems I am faced with.
God: I am afraid I can’t do that immediately.
The man: But why? I am your faithful devotee and pray to you daily.
God: But you also worry a lot. To me your worries seem more sincere than your prayers. So, I am confused.
The man: I don’t understand. How do I not worry when it is my problem?
God: When you have come to me, hasn’t it ceased to be your problem? If you knew you could solve it, would you have come to me? So, since you are in front of me and claim you have faith in me, then why do you worry? I would much rather solve the problems of those who are adamant with their faith and dither with their worries instead of helping those who are adamant about worrying and dither with their faith.
Think about it. This story applies to each one of us in our own unique ways. I am not sure if there is a God somewhere that runs the affairs of the Universe. Possibly there is. Maybe there isn’t. But one thing is for sure that worrying isn’t going to get any of us anywhere in Life. Look around. The same energy that powers and cares for all Life in the Universe, of which we are just a mere speck, possesses both the intelligence and capability to take care of us and our problems too. If we believe we have faith in that energy, the one that created us, then must we not be adamant, fanatic about that faith? We cannot claim we have faith and continue to worry. They simply can’t coexist. It is because we continue to worry that we miss the magical moments in our daily lives.
Each moment, irrespective of what you are faced with or are going through, is a miracle. To witness that miracle you need to be present in that moment. Worrying takes you away from living! Each moment that you worry is a moment that you have not lived!

Author: AVIS Viswanathan

the happynesswala - Inspired Speaker, Life Coach and Author of "Fall Like A Rose Petal"; Inspiring 'Happyness'!

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