Dial Life: 1-800-NO-GUARANTEES

There are no guarantees in Life. It is in seeking them that we encounter grief and suffering.
The human creation is not a product that comes with a warranty card, a user manual complete with a trouble-shooting guide, and a 1-800 service to call up in case of we have doubts or seek clarifications or require online support! In fact, if each of us came with that kind of back-end support offered by the manufacturer (a.k.a Creator), while our Life may have been so much simpler, it wouldn’t be fun anymore. What makes Life interesting and exciting is this lack of clarity, this fuzziness, the uncertainty __ and, ironically, the lack of guarantee. When we accept and celebrate the uncertainty, we are in total peace. The moment we seek clarity or guarantees, we invite suffering into our lives.
In fact, look at nature. No creation in nature demands more clarity than WHAT IS except man. We humans crave for all that is not essential to live intelligently and therefore create our own suffering. Osho, the Master, invites us to look at a seed. He explains that as a seed, the seed is incapable of knowing of its future as a flower. It has no idea that it can be a flower or what it means to be a flower. As a seed it can survive for millennia in the security of its hard shell. But the seed decides to let go of the shell, of its sense of security, and embraces uncertainty. When it does that, it has to surely battle the hard rocks and breakthrough the surface of the soil, heading in the direction of sunlight, to germinate, to sprout and to flower! All this, with absolutely NO GUARANTEE that it will ever meet its destiny! Osho invites us to stop seeking guarantees in Life and, like the seed, head in the direction of (inner) light so that we too can bloom, flower and radiate joy!
Don’t avoid or deny the dark periods of your Life or the challenges that confront you. Don’t seek guarantees from Life. Because it can offer you none. Only when you face Life, encounter each hurdle and overcome them, will you become the flower that you have been created to be. Simply, dial Life without fear, with no apprehension, and live happily ever after!

Author: AVIS Viswanathan

the happynesswala - Inspired Speaker, Life Coach and Author of "Fall Like A Rose Petal"; Inspiring 'Happyness'!

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