Don’t agonize assuming things about people

One of the most important principles to simplify your Life is not to imagine things about other people.
More so, when you haven’t seen something for yourself. And you are going purely basis what you perceive things to be or what others have told you. This simply means don’t form opinions about people basis what you imagine them to be or what others have shared as their perceptions. For all you know, all that you have heard and imagined may be completely untrue! And just in case you have seen something and your opinion stems from whatever evidence, visual, definitive, empirical or otherwise you possess, forgive them for having value systems different from yours or for behaving differently from your expectations of them. Know that no person is good or bad. All of us are a product of the time that we go through. Someone behaves in a manner that you find peculiar or unacceptable only because he or she does not find it either peculiar or unacceptable! If he or she thought like you, they would not behave so. If this person is someone close to you, try counseling. If counseling doesn’t work, let go. Let that person learn from time. Keep sending positive energy and pray for the person’s awakening.
This is the simplest way to ensuring you are anchored in peace. When you are peaceful, clarity of thought will emerge, which, in turn, will help you deal with the situation or the person, or both, better. When you are succumbing to your perceptions or are getting agitated over the evidence you have against someone, you will encounter agony. More frustration and clouded thinking will cause you to be in disharmony with your natural state of peace and joy.
So, whether the person who you disapprove of and disagree with over opinion, ideology or behavior, is a spouse, a sibling, parent or child, colleague or neighbor or a public figure, never pass judgment. Don’t enjoin in gossip. Don’t agonize assuming things about people. Just let go. Let time teach and heal. Send positive energy. That’s the surest way to staying peaceful and happy!

Author: AVIS Viswanathan

the happynesswala - Inspired Speaker, Life Coach and Author of "Fall Like A Rose Petal"; Inspiring 'Happyness'!

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