One thought on “Don’t shoot the messenger – heed the message!”

  1. Avis:
    I appreciate what you have said and can understand the sentiments behind it. At the same time may I also respectfully point out that the reactions against aamir were not in the least extreme. Sure he was ribbed and trolled mercilessly online but rarely did it degenerate into abuse or threats. Nobody is questioning or disputing Aamir's right to state his concerns. However, don't you think by extension others who were hurt by what he said or what they thought he said also have the right to say their piece? Its healthy democracy at play.
    I have also had a chance to look at the statistics related to violence and intolerance and the stats paint a different picture. 2015 has actually had fewer incidents of communal violence! Is it wrong then to suspect some bias and/or foul play? I am no modi bakth or bjp fan but I also feel that just because we don't like the man we should not judge him or the party by a different yardstick.


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