Live fully each day, learning from people, things and events around you!

We often miss all the learning that Life serves up on a platter daily!

Each day offers a treasure trove of inspiring people, stories of personal courage and metaphors that help us understand the true meaning of Life. But we don’t pick up any of these positive, inspiring stories. We are so self-obsessed: we are busy worrying, pining, lamenting, grieving, complaining or brooding about our own lives. Or we are giving up on Life in general: talking of corruption – the Panama Papers are our latest lamentable fad – and falling value systems in public Life, the abysmal quality of governance and how mechanical, and less human, our society has become. Or we are gloating over our petty, material successes__money, fame, titles, positions! We rarely listen to another heart beat or pause to attend to someone’s pain or need.

We recently met someone whose husband passed away a couple of years ago when he was just 50. She invited us to visit his Blog. I did. Two things there struck me most the most: one, the quality of his selfless outpouring on Life, happiness and intelligent living; second, her 500-word tribute to him, celebrating her memories of him and his beautiful Life. They sure had problems – huge ones which she had shared with us which I don’t wish to talk about here. But they never allowed themselves to be pinned down by Life’s challenges. They just smiled and moved on.

The learning here is to learn to live fully despite what we are put through. Inspiring.

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The other day, when I saw the full moon up in the sky, I just realized how much the moon draws from the sun. Without the sun, the moon is powerless. And without the moon, the sun’s lifecycle is incomplete! Yet neither of them has an issue with each other. They go about their daily responsibilities without issue, without rancor, in complete bliss.

Why are we humans incapable of living so simply, awakened and energized by the fullness of Life around us? Why do we fail to live utilizing the opportunity of this lifetime, within the lifetime of the opportunity? We don’t need to worry about or fear death. Because it is an inevitable truth – that’s how our human stories will end. It is in refusing to live fully that we endure a painful, burdensome lie called this lifetime!

Author: AVIS Viswanathan

the happynesswala - Inspired Speaker, Life Coach and Author of "Fall Like A Rose Petal"; Inspiring 'Happyness'!

2 thoughts on “Live fully each day, learning from people, things and events around you!”

  1. Hi Avis…Excellent post and very true. Actually you are a living example of your writings, I sensed it yesterday, when I met you & vaani (after almost two decades or so) have still retained your wits about you and your sense of confidence intact despite the mounting problems and issues you have faced in the last few years..Any other lesser mortal would have cracked!! You are the role model which millions of middle class professionala are looking for. Cheers Suresh


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