6 thoughts on “Why the man who lives by the ‘serve to deserve’ principle deserves a chance”

  1. Though Raja Krishanmoorthi is good candidate, People see him as cinima industry person. It very difficult for him to challenge the cheap politics of DMK and ADMK. Let’s wait and see what happen.


  2. It not about independent vs a major party. By making kitty win, It is the time to show them that if they do not change their path, so many kitty’s would boom. Let us provide our support to kitty


  3. AVIS, Your eulogy of Raja Krishnamoorthy is quite apt and well placed. All of us agree, the man is honest, ethical, competent, experienced and not least, most importantly, to quote you, he “serves to deserve”. But the question to be asked is whether these sterling qualities alone are enough to be elected leave alone contribute, in an Indian assembly election riddled with inequalities of organizational politics. Frankly speaking, the unfortunate reality, based on today’s messy environment, chances of a standalone independent to succeed is quite slim, barring a humungous miracle (by the way I do believe in miracles and a few of them have happened in my own life and I sincerely wish and hope Raja wins and proves me wrong).

    My conviction is borne out of practical observation of the world we all live in today. As a caveat, I am not casting my historical net too way back, since any example, beyond / within two decades become meaningless, as we all live in a very dynamic world and times change every year if not in weeks. It’s like comparing Amitabh Bachchan (your favourite) with Shah Rukh Khan, who is the best superstar? Or to stay relevant to TN politics; who is the best CM, TN has ever had? Is it Kamraj or MGR.? The problem with this debate is the subjects have straddled and succeeded in different eras of time where contexts are different. So I am not citing the evergreen example of Gandhi, who pretty much started things single-handedly, but as I said his era was way beyond our comprehension and the times they lived are absolutely different from today’s hustle and bustle. Though, I will underscore that Gandhi’s vision still endures to this day but achieving it is the million dollar question?

    So to buttress my point, I will look no farther than the Delhi Assembly elections, 2000 till 2014, three elections in all, where another wonderful gentlemen by the name Shiv Khera, of Raja’s caliber and possessing many of his golden qualities, entered the electoral fray, not once but two times with noble intentions, but sadly came a cropper. He later told me that, the reason he didn’t win despite his sterling qualities is because voters liked him, his vision and his character, but seriously did not believe that he will able to achieve anything or contribute to the society “stand alone” without a strong organisation cadre backing him.

    A decade later, in 2014, this pearl of a lesson, was implemented by AAP party’s Arvind Kejriwal, who swept the Delhi assembly with 67 of the 70 seats on offer. This was simply because, the people of Delhi believed that Kejriwal was not the “stand alone” person but had a committed cadre of professionals believing in his philosophy, so they felt that POSITIVE CHANGE can happen and is possible because there is a huge army of persons to effect change.

    Well, I am not a fan of Kejriwal, even though I voted for AAP in 2014 and now ruing my decision simply because electoral politics is a different beast in itself, as Kejri is realizing now…the hard way. You have to manage bureaucracy, judiciary, citizens, police and opposition parties and then implement your policies for the benefit of the people…so I wonder whether one man with good intentions can do any good at all.

    The point is, a single person even with sterling qualities cannot do an organizational change as big as an electorate, he/she can at best be a catalyst and preach, so in order to be effective, he/she needs the backbone of an organization of committed like-minded followers, cadre, (call what you may)…who can jointly effect the change in this complex society.

    As I conclude, I sincerely wish Raja, success and god-speed in his tryst with 2016 assembly elections, and I personally request him to build an organization of committed like-minded individuals so that 10 years from now, say in 2026 elections, the odds will favor him, not just the stars!

    Please take this feedback in a constructive backdrop and is predicated upon my strong belief that we need thousands and millions of people like Raja and AVIS for India to transform otherwise we will be the perennial “brides maid”.


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