One thought on “Treat everything that comes your way with respect, acceptance and gratitude”

  1. Simply superb explanation. Well said Avis..

    This life is so very transient and transitory and such a paradox..a divine paradox…

    One has to live, yet one may die anytime,
    One has to eat everyday inorder to nourish this body, yet it will decay anytime,
    One has to work to earn a living yet there are no guarantees to a comfortable life,
    One has to develop one’s name and fame yet we may not be remembered after our death.

    So I wonder what is the meaning of this life of at best 100 years?

    Quite simple…you are born so you live and as long as you live…live as if there is no tomorrow and try to influence other fellow passengers positively in this journey.

    You are doing that well AVIS..Keep it up and keep going…or keep walking, as the ad says..Cheers


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