One thought on “Never compromise on your inner peace – that’s all you have to call your own!”

  1. Avis… Really I cant even begin telling you how thankful I am for these posts of yours… Am at the final most step of moving out of the home I had bought with all that I was capable of. I am doing that just so that I can get away from a relationship that has been dead even before it started, but I never had the gumption to neither expose those damaging cards in my life nor do away with them. After 28 years of a totally incompatible married life I am stepping out next week.

    Many of the things are unresolved. I have hardly any monetary backup. I have a mountain of loans on my head. I have the partner of 28 years wishing me all vile things in the world. But somewhere inside I am peaceful. I have at last taken the step which I had been wanting to take from the time I had met this gentleman, who became my life partner just because I did not have the confidence levels in me to oppose my widowed Mother’s decision, and after that did not want her to be hurt with the knowledge that her decision was so totally wrong in choosing him for me.

    I have two wonderful daughters who are my pillars of strength and who have made me realize the folly of not being strong enough to oppose his abuse. So I am almost set now to move out, but still have no idea how I am going to go about it or manage it and though I know it is the right thing to do, still have the niggling doubt if it is absolutely the right thing to do or not, and along came your post 😀 Thanks.

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