One thought on “Happiness Secret: Give away anything – except critical docs – you haven’t used in 6 months!”

  1. Avis, this is so spooky and hilarious at the same time, and I really dont know at what crossroads of my life I have happened upon Vaani and you, and, I am repeating myself here, some crazy connect with you both. 😀

    You wont believe this but overnight, a year and 6 months back, I just gave up my office and business of 10 years, on which I had slogged day and night., to which I had given more time than I did to my children, and which was my only source of income and one of my biggest stress areas and source of fulfillment in my life, and did not turn back to see what happened to all that I had loving put together over the years… all of the content I had slogged over… just because I wanted to be free of a never ending cloying negative feeling that was attached to it..

    Similarly, I left my home which I had built with the same fervor, about 2 weeks back… And I feel so liberated…. I hardly have any furniture or any of the paraphernalia we think we cannot live without, at the new place.. But we are so peaceful!! We are so joyful!

    I know people are being judgmental of me and drawing their own conclusions to why I am doing this… But nothing is seeming to matter.. The ones who really matter, understand and support me in my decisions and are there for me.. There is a positive energy about me, so I know I too will find my footing soon

    In the meanwhile, your blogs give me the needed moral support that I am not wrong in wanting to dream and want to live my life at my terms.. I never intended to ever harm anyone in my life.. But what is happening was long overdue and, as you mentioned in an earlier post, call it ‘karma’ or whatever, one needs to pay for one’s actions, sooner or later.

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