2 thoughts on “Expunge any practice that disrespects women from the face of the planet”

  1. Till today no one has been able to give a satisfactory answer as to why a daughter is not supposed to touch feet of her parents whereas a daughter-in-law(DiL) is expected to do so. I am totally against this practice of a DiL touching the feet to seek blessings. The only answer(s) that I got was that it’s a practice since ages. Another was that in certain regions and/or communities, a girl too touches the feet of parents and elder brother/sister to seek blessings. So if a DiL seeks blessings by touching the feet of her in-laws, it’s perfect. This revelation was a surprise because there is no such practice in north India where I belong to. If we expect our daughter to be treated as a daughter only after her marriage, then this discrimination should stop. Blessings can be given even without expecting the DiL to bend and touch the feet.

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