2 thoughts on “Without its ironies, Life would be so boring”

  1. What a lovely post. I concur with every word. The irony is our eyes are wide open and yet we don’t find ourselves seeing things clear.

    We get fixated on what we want so much that we seldom pause to see the things we have. Care love respect admiration and all the adjectives that one yearns is actually abundant. Its just that it might never come from the ones from whom we want it all. We shut our selves out from the world and open ourselves to a life of misery. 🙂

    Fantastic blog to start my day. Loved it.

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  2. In the pursue of needs we forget ourself and behave like an animals. There is nothing more important then the good peopel in the life lets not loose them. The bolg is very good to startup and in the end it motivate to start a freash and peace full life.

    Great blog…………..😊

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