2 thoughts on “Why “Kurai Onrum Illai” is an awesome way to greet Life!”

  1. Beautifully said Sir…. Truly our life is ” Kurai Onrum Illai” if we narrow it down to what really matters….It is when we let our thoughts and mind wander, that we get bogged down by uncertainties of life and loose our anchor. A lovely wake up call!

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  2. Good Morning Sir!
    It is a lovely thought first thing in the morning! It makes my day!
    The post reminds me of two things – Ramana Maharishi’s way to life being silence of the mind and the latter part of the post being JK ROwlings quote – “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light!” Reading about it is so easy but the practice that you are upholding is a penance in itself!
    It is a lesson for me indeed!

    Thank you and Keep writing !
    Lakshmi Venkataraman

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