One thought on “If we drop the fear, that we have cultivated in us, of an external God, we will be free”

  1. Sir
    We are habitual- smoking, drinking alcohol and even for that matter tea & coffee. These habits are hard to get rid off. The senses automatically awake you at regular intervals or at specified time.

    For some the smell of cigarette for some hands shake if they don’t consume alcohol, for some become nuts if they don’t get a cup of coffee.

    As for your friend, I would say he made the wise decision in his life time.

    I have quit smoking several times, and have reminded non smoking for an entire 48days every year when I go to Sabari mala. For me it is not fear, for me it is devotion.

    You may ask why can’t I quit smoking. Even I know the answer is possible and it is just a mind, playing a game. Just that by looking for instant gratification, I continue to remain as smoker.

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