2 thoughts on “Kannadasan’s lyrics mean more to me now than an astrologer’s prophecy”

  1. Yeah so true! I mean earlier even I use to go to someone like that to find out what would happen? When will it end? Anything better? Any other option? What could I do to change the situation? But I learnt slowly. That it outtakes it’s time. Nothing can change it. But I got some solace in knowing that there are good times ahead. Then finally I learnt that whatever happens, happens due to HIM/HER. And I learnt to surrender. Now I’m more at peace. I know he is always beside me guiding me on to the right path. If things go bad ,and they do, at the worst possible times, I still know that he has planned it for there is some good for me in it. He is my father who always has my best interests at heart. And I am happy.

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  2. Yes exactly True!!! But sometimes when we have to answer others in clearing debts especially leaves us little disturbed, Thanks for sharing.


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