One thought on “Treat your Facebook Wall like your living room – and you’ll never have a problem!”

  1. Few years back, we lost a friend who had more than 1000 friends on FB. It was just 8 of us who stood next to him when he passed away and later on around 60-70 people who attended his memorial ceremony. It doesn’t mean that rest are all insensitive friends to this friend of us. The crux of it is in our expectation that everyone should be available to us when we need which is not the reality as you said. There can be handful of friends who can roam anywhere in our house and not just our living rooms and those are the one’s that we can count in life in times of need. Rest all are those who come to the living room, at the most to our dinning tables and share a meal on invitation. Equally we should think how far we will be there for those who are on our friend’s list when they need. That will give us the answer to our own questions and anxieties.. Very beautifully written Avis Sir…you have brought out the most important thing for discussion to the table very easily

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