3 thoughts on “Bas 2 suitcases mein jiyo apni Life ki kahaani…”

  1. Very true. More the baggage, more the burden…both on the physical existence and mental status. Huge houses, heavy furniture, long wardrobes of stuff, multiple bags..countless other things, including books you finished reading…the old stuff that really doesnt matter anymore..is just not required …the day we leave this world. nothing comes along..may be the last piece of clothing that we are in….the stark truth is that even that is taken away before the tray is pushed inside to be ashes… so what is that we are juggling for …Simple living with high thinking…leaving behind footprints of happiness and peace..sharing and caring as much as you can..makes life more meaningful.

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  2. What a coincidence that the thoughts you have shared in your blog was identical and matching almost coincidence with timing as well. I’m in a small West UP town with a very old friend.

    Seeing his simple living mostly a TV laptop kitchen utensils ( bare minimum) n clothes I talked about your thoughts of how we make life so complicated by keeping on accumulating things which we hardly use.

    I loved it.

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