3 thoughts on “Reflections on Life and parenting over an empty nest”

  1. Dear Avis, It is very true of me too. While self and Vasanthi provided Rajiv with all the best values in life and discipline possible, he is poles apart from us. We (self ,Vasanthi in comparison to Rajiv) are as different as chalk and cheese. I realised this early, when he was in his 1st year of engineering and started respecting these differences. He felt very happy confiding things to me, even confidential things. He is an owl, whereas we are larks, getting up early in the morning – just to cite one difference. We prepare for things right from the beginning. He keeps things till the last minute.  It is very heartening to see him post-graduate in MS from Clemson University, Greenville, South Carolina, USA yesterday. We saw it being webcast live. I do not have even an iota of doubt that he will be a HUGE success in life. He knows how to fend for himself and manage things all by himself. He hardly needs any advice from us, though our parental anxiety has got the better of us and on his nerves at times. All said and done, I love that he is very responsible, loving , caring and generous when it comes to helping friends in need. He has gone through his own catharsis and challenges. I know he will shine better. He has been honed. All that we both can do is wish him all the very best in life. -Regards,B.Raj Kumar.98403 25419.

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