5 thoughts on “Let us please disallow any practice that takes away a woman’s dignity”

  1. There are, and have been several instances where people have objected, put their for down, and insisted that the single woman lead a ceremony, or perform a ritual usually performed by a man, or by a married woman. These progressive people have been doing so for over a century! But change and acceptance does not come about overnight, or with one act of defiance. However each time it is done, it makes at least a couple of people think and question something that didn’t occur to them, before. Little drops of water….. It all helps.

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  2. Dear sir,
    Your blog left me thinking in so many directions. Very few people that I have known have been able to turn pain to understanding and then, to compassion. you’re one of the blessed few who does that effortlessly, a quality that has even seeped into your writing. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said , and it’s disheartening to think that most of the times woman themselves are perpetrators of such inequalities.
    I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my mom, and felt terribly guilty it. Thanks for sharing thoughts about your relationship. Took a lot of comfort from knowing that it’s not abnormal to feel the way I do.

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    1. Please read my Book ‘Fall Like A Rose Petal’…available on Flipkart/Amazon…you will be able to relate to what I have to share there. Also watch a film called ‘Rise In Love’ available on my YouTube channel – AVIS Viswanathan. It is made by a young filmmaker to explore how “love thrives in the face of adversity”.


  3. Appreciate for having touched a profound issue of our own making which I attribute it to our self centred thinking. I commend your very open approach quoting from your personal equations. Agree we can bring changes without being rebellious or aggressive. Good thought for today’s needs.

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