2 thoughts on “When a picture teaches you about Life…”

  1. This case haunted me since it happened in 2008. Having a tiny little daughter and this family who resembled alot to mine and several others of the same segment made this case more and more closer to my heart. This picture of Talwars is a reflection of strong perseverance, spirit to fight for truth, love for their old child lost, give the best what may, and a reflection of a strong support from the extended family. As they pick up threads of life and start to weave back to their routines away and afar from the media glare (if at all they are allowed to do so), take back their professions ( for they need to survive for rest of their lives) and stay strong till we get to the end of this (I only wish it happens and doesnt leave Aarushi’s death a never ending mystery) and final justice is delivered, I keep my prayers for their peace and nothing else. Happiness, Success and other things are little far from them for now emotionally and wish they can get back to that level of existence again. This picture is also a relief to several parents who struggled to cope up with the twists and turns of this case and the innocent children asking parents, if they are safe in their own homes after this happened. I have bragged alot about this case in my own blog and always believed that they wouldn’t have killed Aarushi and Hemraj….The question remains….’Whodunit!’…RIP Aarushi and Hemraj….REST of India – Please let the Talwars be at peace…

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  2. While I agree with the learnings bit I wonder who is the culprit .. there are three sides to a story one which you know one which I know and one which no one knows !! I respect the Indian courts and their verdict but can’t stop wondering who is then going to take the onus of finding the real culprit and more so now because they have paid for a crime they did not commit!!

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