3 thoughts on “Why my Blogposts may not appear daily anymore”

  1. Dear Avis,
    I learnt a lot from your Blog Posts,I could say that certain phases in life pushes Humans to think organically amidst the chemical and pesticide thoughts which we crave for,we Regret , when it becomes a steroid effect.
    Congrats for the Paradigm shift of thoughts in you in general and approach to life in particular,the Avis whom i saw in the early Ninetys to the Avis of 2017.
    Tons of Luck to you and Vani.
    With Warmest Regards
    Deepak Pawar

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  2. Dear Sir

    Nice to know that, you are working on two books. Eagerly waiting to learn from your limited experience sharing. Walking is the king of all exercises, focus on your health front.

    Pay me regards & respect to Vani Madam,

    With Best

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