Everyone is just another you

All life is equal. Understanding this truth and practising it makes living meaningful.
We often see people seeking alms or small change on the street. The immediate tendency is to despise their presence. We find their shabby looks and the act of begging repulsive. We begin to wonder why our governments can’t provide for such people and demand to know why can’t begging be abolished? Recognize that you and I are beggars too. Don’t we beg understanding from people, favors from bosses/people in positions of influence or authority? Don’t we appeal to a Higher Source, when all else fails, begging for mercy, compassion, forgiveness? Don’t we beg another chance in surrender, acknowledging our mistakes, sins and promise better, wiser conduct?
This reality struck me a few years ago when I was returning after ‘pleading’ (you can call it begging too!) in vain with a banker for a loan that could have saved my sinking Firm from bankruptcy. I decided to stop at a grocery store to pick up supplies and as I was pulling out my car from the parking lot, a man, in tatters, came up to my window seeking support. The look on his face, the hope in his eyes, awakened me to the irony of the moment. What was different between me and him? Here I was, in a position to give, but most likely would end up being a non-giver__like my banker! And here he was, hoping to receive, praying feverishly, just as the way I was hoping and praying in front of my banker!
The degrees to which events, circumstances, affect and alter our lives, may be different; but Life’s very just and an equal opportunity player, if you will! We can’t change every circumstance we will encounter but we can change the way we approach them. So, don’t rush to label or slot people. See yourself in them. You will then see your God in them. Mother Teresa saw it that way when she said: “Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.” You don’t need to give alms if you don’t wish to, but surely you can give your understanding or say a prayer to someone who is just another you.