Start living freely, unfettered by fear

Know this for sure: Nothing can derail the Life that’s been designed for you. Most definitely not the lack of money!
Much of our worries come from how much money we have or don’t have. Think about it! When has the lack of money stopped anything in your Life__or mine? Well, if it has denied a want, you probably did not need it. Life always provides everyone with everything they need just now. Let me clarify, money is important. But you don’t need money__especially when it is unavailable__to live happily! Besides, why are we embracing fear worrying over economic indices that feed off human greed? Every stock market operator, watcher and speculator, is responding to (and is in) greed. Every billionaire listing speaks of wealth in the hands of a few people who have the power to change the world and lives of the have-nots, but very few seldom really do or want to do anything. So, why focus on a negative influence__greed?
Another perspective. Our parents earned a fraction of what we do now. Their parents a much lesser fraction of that. And yet Life has been going on. We have all been educated by our less economically privileged parents. And, miraculously, are holding positions of influence in our own small ways. We are, in fact, managing to rear our children with more comfort than we were provided. So, why the fear? In fact, here’s a counter argument. If each of us can stop fearing the lack of money, and stop imagining that the world is coming to an end, we will be more productive than we are just now. And that may just revive and grow the economy faster__if it becomes a global trend.

So, stop thinking of what’s wrong with the world and with your Life. Stop cribbing. Stop wishing things were different. Start living freely, unfettered by fear. Have faith that all that you need will continue to be available to you, just as it always has been. Up until this moment. Think abundance. Think prosperity. Every time you read about the crumbling global economic indices, job losses, falling currencies and begin to wonder how you will survive, think of the most beautiful sunrise you have seen, the most intimate moment you have spent with your companion, or the most joyous vacation you have been on in Life. Define one spot outside your window that is beauty__believe me, you will find beauty everywhere, most definitely in unexpected places. And view that sight each time you feel worry and fear gripping you. The beauty of Life and nature can revive even the most hardened, numbed, human spirit. This is abundance thinking. Realize that it is from abundance that peace is born. It is from peace that prosperity flows. Will you make a new beginning today?

Surrender to Life and be free!

Surrender to Life. This is the only action required of you. When you surrender, you will be free.

When you are free, you are peaceful. When you are peaceful, bliss follows. With bliss comes abundance. With abundance comes allthat you need. When you are in that state, you are radiant.

It’s possible for all of us to be resplendent, radiant like the idol at Tirupati. Those who have been to that temple shrine in southern India will agree that they are speechless, they are thoughtless when in front of the main deity. Many confess they have even forgotten how to pray or what to seek when in the sanctum sanctorum for those few nano-seconds. They speak of divinity and they speak of a super power. They are mesmerized by the glow radiating from the idol, their Lord. They believe it is a superior energy that is embracing them when in proximity of that idol. I don’t wish to challenge their beliefs. But I want to say that you too can radiate that kind of energy. Only if you surrender. Only if you submit yourself to Life’s situations.

All your pain comes from fighting, from resisting Life. All suffering comes from expecting your Life to be different from what it is just now. When you give up the fight and when you stop expecting, you will be at peace. In that state you will be bereft of all wants and yet be abundantly endowed with all that you need. In such a moment, you are one with the Universe, with creation. This is where you begin to radiate the energy that created the Universe. This is not just spiritual thinking. This is metaphysics.

Linji Yixuan, a Buddhist Zen monk, went to his Master and said, “Give me freedom!” The Master said, “Bring yourself. If you are, I will make you free. But if you are not, then how can I make you free? You are already free.”  “And freedom,” his Master said, “really is not the freedom you think of. Really, freedom is freedom from ‘you’. So go and find out where this ‘I’ is, where you are, then come to me. This is meditation. Go and meditate.” So the disciple Linji goes and meditates for weeks and months, and then he goes back to his Master. He tells his Master, “I am not the body. Only this much I have found.” So the Master says, “This much you have become free. Go again. Try to find out.” Then he tries, meditates, and he finds that “I am not my mind, because I can observe my thoughts. So the observer is different from the observed – I am not my mind.” He comes and says, “I am not my mind.” So his Master says, “Now you are three-fourths liberated. Now go again and find out who you are.” So Linji went away thinking, “I am not my body. I am not my mind.” He had read, studied, he was well informed, so he was thinking, “I am not my body, not my mind, so I must be my soul, my atman.” But he meditated, and then he found that there is no atman, no soul, because this atmanis nothing but your mental information – just doctrines, words, philosophies. So he came running one day to his Master and said, “Now I am no more!” Then his Master said, “Am I now to teach you the methods for freedom?” Linji said, “I am free because I am no more. There is no one to be in bondage. I am just a wide emptiness, a nothingness.” Osho, recounting this story often, concludes: “Only nothingness can be free. If you are something, you will be in bondage. If you are, you will be in bondage. Only a void, a vacant space, can be free. Then you cannot bind it. Linji came running and said, “I am no more. Nowhere am I to be found.” This is true, real freedom.”

And this freedom comes from surrender. Try it. See what you are enslaved by. And break free. When you realize the nothingness of your creation, the emptiness of your ‘self’, you will be filled with abundance, drenched in a radiant energy. Then you don’t need anything….because you have all that you need, you have freedom! You are free! 

In Life, don’t seek permissions, take decisions!

You don’t need anyone’s permission to live your Life. You just need to make the decison – and simply liveyour Life!
The other night I watched the much acclaimed Hindi movie Highway (2014, Imitiaz Ali, Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda) on TV. It’s the story of a girl, Veera Tripathi (Alia Bhatt), who is abducted and begins to love being held hostage. She feels so because she feels free – and secure – in the presence of her captor. Her own Life, until she was abducted, was like the way a bird’s Life is in a golden cage. Her captor takes her on road trip, trying to avoid the cops who are looking for them, up in the mountains. In one memorable scene, the Veera (Bhatt is brilliant here) is awestruck by the sheer power and beauty of a stream rushing down the hills. She is unable to describe how she feels. So she simply wrings her hand and gasps in disbelief. Later on in the film she tells her parents how ironical her Life has turned out to be – that she feels like a hostage, suffocated and buttoned in, in their presence, in her “home”; yet, she feels “free” in her captor’s presence, though she really is a hostage being held to ransom. She finally chooses the other Life and declares her intent to go away from home saying that she needs nobody’s permission, that she really wants to live her Life, her way.

Veera in Ali’s Highway personifies each one of us – you, me, every one. If you examine your Life closely, you will realize that you are living much of it for others. And not for yourself. You are very subconsciously trapped in family, social and professional commitments. You want to be living a different Life, doing what you love doing, but you can’t peel off from the Life you have chosen because of the responsibilities that have been dumped on you. Now if you were content with that Life it is fine. But like Veera, you too are suffering. Not everyone will be lucky in encountering a captor who will pry your soul open and help you touch and feel Life. You have to decide for yourself. And the sooner you do that, the longer you will enjoy your Life! Simple. So, if you are not enjoying the Life that you have, go live the one you want to. Don’t sit there and complain. Remember: if you grieve, complain and suffer, you have only yourself to blame.  Because, you need no one’s permission to live your Life! 

Free yourself to find your Self!

To be free comes FREE!
You don’t have to make any effort. This is one truth about Life which, when you get it, will be liberating! You came with nothing. No expectations. No worries. No demands. You just lay there and stared at the world. Smiled when you wanted. Bawled when you felt like. Peed at will. Puked as you pleased. All expectations were for and from people around you__that you must be fed, you must be safe, you must sleep and so on. You had no expectations. So there was no agony in your Life. You were absolutely free. As you grew older and as the burden of expectations were set on you__you must speak, you must crawl, walk, run, go to school, behave properly and so on__you became restricted. And conditioned. It is this conditioning that’s crippled you, that’s nailed your feet to the ground. In reality there is NO nail, there’s nothing that’s keeping you from flying high, soaring. It is just your conditioning that makes you think so. Living in this world and yet being above it, as the Bhagavad Gita teaches us, is to be able to know that there is nothing holding us back.
When you know you are free, you don’t have to make any special effort to unshackle yourself. You just have to start Living. So, grab this Lifetime FREE Offer! Free yourself, find your Self!