Be a willing instrument for Life to work through you

Life happens inspite of you and never because of you!

20160428_120241My former colleague, and one of India’s senior-most journalists, Amarnath Menon, profiles celebrated heart surgeon Dr.Devi Shetty (of Narayana Hrudayalaya) in the latest issue of India Today. He quotes a lady, Ishita Bose, recalling how Dr.Shetty, before he went on to operate on her four-month-old son who had a rare congenital heart condition, looked up heavenwards and told her: “I am just a technician. If the man up there decides he’ll live, no one can take him away. You just pray.” Ishita’s son lives on – he’s 14 years old now! Dr.Shetty’s approach to his Life and work offers us a teachable point of view. Just as Aravind Eye Hospital’s late Dr.V’s perspective does – he embedded this approach as his organization’s core Purpose (its raison d’etre): “To be better instruments for the divine energy to work through.” Or just as flute maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia’s belief does – that which he lives by: “Music is created by the Supreme Entity (Brahma) so that we can get an understanding or darshan of the Entity. Music is a prayer, a rare prayer!”

These three lines of thought are similar no doubt. They also offer us an opportunity to understand Life and learn to live it better. While education is important to increase our knowledge of how the world around us works and thrives, the same education, ironically, has made us less and less aware of the inscrutable yet powerful nature of Life.

It is your education that makes you believe that Life happens because of you. But when you stop relying on your education alone, you will awaken to the truth that your Life happens through you and, often, inspite of you! This basically means that you remain grounded and humble no matter how much you are praised for your achievements and success. It also means that you remain stoic and unmoved no matter how many times you face rejection or failure in Life. So, the best way to live is to offer whatever you do as an offering to the Universe.

Surely, there are no methods or mantras to live Life. Just be grateful for this lifetime as a human, offer yourself up to Life, do your best and let Life – the Higher Energy – take over. And let everything happen through you!