Don’t let your worries ruin this party called Life!

There are only two ways to lead Life. One way is the way we all lead it – by worrying. The other way is to celebrate each moment. But we are all prone to the first way, the way of worry, because worrying is easy. It requires not effort. It has become a part of who we are. So it happens subconsciously, 24×7, all year round! On the other hand, celebration requires effort. It means you have to stop worrying. And that’s hard work. A lot of hard work.

This is so true of all of us. Even the people who go to Mind-Body-Soul rejuvenation Programs, or retreats, are worried. They worry how they will cope without their habits and their gadgets. They also worry about how the world will cope without them. So, worrying has become a compulsive, favorite, global pastime!

Remember, however, that when you worry, you stop living. Worrying takes you away from the present. It entraps you in the past or enslaves you with thoughts of a still-to-arrive future. When you are not here, in the now, how can you claim to be living? You are merely breathing. Living is much more than mere breathing. It is a celebration of each moment __ its magic, its mystery, its beauty!

Look at it the way Gautama, the Buddha, whose birthday it is today, saw it. Since your worries are about your problems, there can be only two ways forward. Either you can solve your problem. Or you can’t. If you can solve your problem, why worry about it? If you can’t solve your problem, and it is not within your control or means to solve it, why worry about it again?

Life is like a river. It simply keeps on flowing. It has a mind of its own. It does not worry about precipice or a fall, nor is it perturbed by the boulders on the path. A crevice is all it needs, to make progress and find its way. Let’s be inspired by Life itself. And flow with it. So, the best we can do, as people who have been created without our asking to be born, is to enjoy the scenery as Life flows. When we don’t like what we see or experience, we can rave, rant, kick our feet, bury our heads in despair, but Life will simply go on. That is the nature of Life. The only sensible option is to learn to appreciate this reality and to LIVE with it. To be alive, to live, is a great blessing, a celebration. Don’t let your worries ruin this party called Life!

Creation will take care of you

A fundamental belief that comes in the way of our living fully, totally, is the view that we have to take care of ourselves and of others ‘dependent’ on us. There’s this huge protector-provider role that we all have self-imposed upon ourselves. Or a better way to say it is that we have self-assumed this. And so we go about our lives obsessed with an avoidable sense of self-importance. We believe every problem around us needs our immediate, urgent attention__and resolution. That everything from money to succor, in our immediate circle of influence, must be provided for by us. And when it doesn’t happen that way, as it often may not, we feel something’s wrong with us, or with creation, or both and so we grieve, agonize and suffer!

Through our suffering we miss the celebration called Life. All around us there’s celebration. A sun rise is a celebration. A moon rise is a celebration too. It is through the darkness that you can see the celebration of the stars. A gaggle of birds chirping is actually a symphony. A bleating lamb is an expression of Universal love. A flower waiting to bloom, in a bud stage, is a celebration of how pregnant Life is, creation is __ with hope, with ecstasy, with color. A raindrop signifies the arrival of a cosmic blessing, to drench you in abundance. But we are so complete in our suffering that we are perhaps witnessing this grand cosmic festival, but we are not seeing the beauty in it! Our inner ugliness__acquired from that skewed sense of self-assumed, self-importance__blinds us from seeing the magic and beauty of Life.

Osho, the Master, says, and only he could have said it so well: “If the whole existence is one, and if existence goes on taking care of trees, of animals, of mountains, of oceans__from the smallest blade of grass to the biggest star__then it will take care of you too. Once you have started seeing the beauty of Life, ugliness starts disappearing. If you start looking at Life with joy, sadness starts disappearing. You cannot have heaven and hell together, you can have only one. It is your choice.”

So observe what’s causing you grief just now. And let it go. Let go of your self-assumed need to be problem-solver, protector, provider. Instead just be. And then through your being, you will witness the celebration of Life. Happening in your world, all around you. Simply for you. You will discover that creation will take care of you, and all that you call your own. That moment of discovery is your bliss! And once you taste it, you will want nothing more. You will simply want to just be!

Your idea of Life is never going to happen

All of us, almost all of the time, wish Life were different. That it were not this but that. And when our wishes don’t come true, as they almost always won’t, we grieve, we plunge into misery and suffer.

Now, here’s the truth: Your idea of Life is never going to happen.

Life is not about those great moments when everything that you envisioned for yourself is happening. Much of Life is about doing the dishes, driving to work, attending painfully boring meetings, dropping the kids to art class on Sundays, having meaningless cups of tea with the boss, paying bills, filing them, attending inconsequential meetings of your condominium’s administrative association, mowing the lawn, cleaning your car, picking up laundry from the cleaners and so on and on and on…..The key to enjoying Life is to be able to enjoy these “listless” moments too!

You will die a thousand deaths, even as you are alive, if you are going to spend your Life mourning about “work” that you don’t enjoy. There will always be work to do and therefore there will always be stuff that you hate doing. Complaining about it, hating it and treating it as a burden is going to make your work__and Life__a drudgery. Surely.

Instead treat Life as a festival. Celebrate it. In a celebration, in a festival, even the most menial task gives you joy. I have a Bengali friend. He leads the Bengali Association in Bengaluru from the front. Every year, during the Dusherra festival, he and his friends in the Association, organize the Durga Puja in Bengaluru. Several years ago, when we used to work together and we also lived in Bengaluru, my friend invited us to the witness the festival, the Durga Puja. I remember him saying, “It is fun. Come along if you have the time. I have a very small role in organizing it. I have taken the responsibility to have the waste, the garbage, cleared without it causing a mess, a litter there. But it is fun!” I recall wondering how clearing garbage can be fun. Now, I know it can be.

Life can be fun, a celebration! Or drudgery. It really depends on what you want it to be!

Think about it. Why do you work? So that you can live! Now, why would you want to live, while dying every single moment? Living is not going to be fun unless you want it to be. Unless you make it fun! Remember this: Your idea of Life is never going to happen! So, might as well enjoy__and celebrate__Life’s idea for you!