Understanding the ‘other’ EMI – Each Moment’s Invaluable!

All our insecurity stems from our worries over what will happen in a future that no one has seen! And often times the insecurity is heightened by financial commitments that still remain to be fulfilled. There’s a cruel irony to this state: the financial commitments we have made are based on hope, faith and some self-confidence (in our ability to stay gainfully employed) even as we are totally clueless about our future and do not know for sure what awaits us in the next moment! This situation is further vitiated when we agonize over these commitments and always, therefore, are in a state of anxiety and worry.

I met someone who is in a well-paying job, with an excellent track record in an impressive corporate career. Seven years back he was laid off from his job when his company decided to wind up and after over three years of being unemployed, he finally landed the job he currently has. Even though there’s no evidence at the moment that history may repeat itself, he confessed, he is worried stiff about his job because he has EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments for loans taken) to be paid. “I live in constant fear of losing my job again. I am haunted by the consequences of defaulting on my EMIs,” he said to me, visibly anxiously. I advised him to chill and take each day as it comes.

When I recalled this conversation this morning, it became clear to me that as people who are continuously making an attempt to make our lives better, the EMI has become a necessary evil. Every financial institution today is willing to partner with every manufacturer or service provider to offer attractive, easy monthly payment schemes that allow us to buy whatever we “want” with an ease of repayment that’s commensurate with our projected income. This has led to our several “wants” being fulfilled. Be it the cars we drive or the TVs we watch or the vacations we take or the apartments we live in. At least a large majority of the working professionals today are users of EMI-payment plans.

Let’s clarify and understand this further. The reason why EMIs as a an option exist is to make our lives simpler. And to make us feel comfortable. And to make us happy. If they have started haunting us and tormenting us, then we have stopped using EMIs as a payment tool, and instead are being “used” by them! In the process, we have stopped living. And only seem to be existing __ slogging relentlessly, while complaining endlessly, to pay off our EMIs.

If this rings true to you, then it’s time to revisit both your financial outlays and commitments and inquire within whether you indeed are living intelligently. Focus on a different EMI as you do this. EMI does also stand for and mean EACH MOMENT’S INVALUABLE. So it is! And with every passing moment, you__and I__are inching closer to death. If there’s a great time to LIVE, it is now. If the average lifespan for us humans is taken as 70 years, then we have 220,75,20,000 seconds or moments in all to live. Each of them is invaluable. And several thousands of them are already over. They are gone! How many of them were memorable? How many can you recall? And how will you recall any, if since your adulthood, you have only been a slave of EMI payment plans, and have not lived completely to make Each (Invaluable) Moment Memorable?

Hope you get the unputdownable learning here. The EMI-payment plan is but a tool, an instrument. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in opting for EMI-payment plans. Use them well though__prudently effectively. And never be enslaved by them. Don’t allow them to ever rob you of the other EMI! Live freely, completely, happily – for the other EMI too. Because, Each Moment’s Invaluable, Indispensible, Irrevocable and Irretrievable! Either you encash the remaining available moments in your Life by living them fully or they are gone!