On true enlightenment and Happiness


Choose ROE over ROI!!!

Instead of ROI__Return on Investment, focus on ROE__Return on Enlightenment in Life!
Enlightenment is an understanding, not an event. It is an understanding of Life itself__a quiet acceptance of what is. It is a spiritual threshold that anyonecan attain. Somehow we have this misconception, because of most (self-proclaimed) spiritual ambassadors being in monk-like robes, that you need to be a saint to be enlightened. Wrong. Saints are not necessarily spiritual. They may be deeply religious, and therefore, ritualistic or they may even be dogmatic, and therefore inflexible. Spirituality and Religion are two different things. Spirituality really is the flowering of inner awareness; it is an awakening. It helps you understand the true nature and meaning of Life. When you understand the true meaning of Life, you are enlightened.
Understanding the true meaning of Life does not mean that you stop enjoying it. Your enjoyment or sorrow does not change what happens in Life. No matter what or how you feel, you will continue to experience Life. Except that when you understand its meaning, when you are enlightened, you will stop reacting to it. You will just be unmoved. To be unmoved, you don’t need to be sitting under a tree. You could well be on a cricket field. Watch Indian cricket skipper M.S.Dhoni carefully. He understands Life__that what goes up, comes down, that victory and defeat are mere events, that Life goes on, no matter what. So, he stays calm and stoic – almost always. And so you know him as Captain Cool.
Enlightenment and spiritual empowerment do not mean abstinence. You can be essaying whatever roles you are playing in Life__employer, employee, father, mother, husband, wife, citizen, sportsman__and still be enlightened. You can be the Monk who bought a Ferrari and there will be nothing wrong with that! That may well be both ROI and ROE! And you could be doubly richer!

So, work towards a better understanding of Life and you will reap a higher Return on Enlightenment. You will live longer, wiser, healthier and happier!