Spirituality is about being who you are

There is no sin. There is no right and no wrong. There’s just this one Life and if there’s something you want to do, go do it. If there’s someone you love, simply carry on loving! You don’t need either societal or religious or legal approval to make a personal choice of loving someone.
There has been a fair amount of debate on whether the US Supreme Court’s ruling allowing gay marriage in all 50 states is religiously tenable or not. There’s also a question being discussed on whether democracies like India will be as accepting of same-sex relationships. Those who are religious are “fearing that being gay is a sin”. And those who are liberal are finding “gay relationships unusual”.
So, here’s a perspective that can perhaps help in clarifying if you would like to consider it. If someone feels more comfortable with someone of the same sex, why does God, religion, law and society have to get involved? To love another aspect of creation is not a crime. What this world needs urgently is global heart-warming. If people loving each other can help that cause, we must celebrate – not admonish, not shun, not ridicule.

And finally, just because you don’t like something, just because you are scared of something, it need not be necessary that others have to feel the same way as you do. You may not appreciate homosexuality – fine! But you have to respect someone’s choice to be homosexual. Spirituality is about being who you are. So, in that context, homosexuals are as human and as spiritual as heterosexuals are!