Be enthusiastic about Life in 2014

There’s a divine spark within each of us. Be guided by it at each time, through each experience, in Life! 

As a New Year begins, there’s a fervent prayer in every beating heart that these 12 months must fill our lives with peace and joy! But as the New Year’s energies wear off, so does our enthusiasm. ‘Life-as-Usual’ takes over and we struggle with our everyday challenges. Sometimes we become depressive. At other times we are anxious and worried. As the year chugs along we often find our lives uninteresting and lacking lustre. When tragedies strike, as they always will, we curse our fate and believe that Life – and God – has been unfair to us.

This is clearly not a very intelligent way to live. You – and I – have been created to enjoy Life. Not to merely endure it. Life never promised, nor does it guarantee, any fair-play. It is your expectation from Life that makes you classify mere events in your Life as fair or unfair. At a very elementary level Life is simple. And beautiful. You complicate it by setting certain conditions to Life. And one of those conditions is that, because you are honest, hardworking and sincere, nothing should go wrong with your Life. But Life has a mind of its own. Anything can and will happen to anyone. Anytime. In all such times, instead of seeking answers and solutions – or pinning the blame on people and circumstances – outside of you, look within. You will find your godhead, your divinity, within you. Allow yourself to be led by your divinity. Just let go and surrender to it!

Your inner surrender will not necessarily change your external circumstances. Your relationship challenge may still persist. Your struggling business may still gasp for cash. Your health problem may continue to prevail. You may still be out of job. But deep within you, you will feel peace. Your heart will be on a song. You will feel bliss. Despite all the challenges that you are faced with, you will be enthusiastic about Life. And that’s because the God, the divinity, within you is at work. The word enthusiasm has a Greek root. ‘en’ means ‘within’ and ‘theos’ means ‘God’ in Greek!  So, enthusiasm is really about experiencing the God (godhead, divinity) within you!

Here’s hoping this year gives you plenty of opportunity to explore and experience your inner divinity, to feel good and be enthusiastic about Life!

Each moment is a never-again opportunity!

Yesterday was the legendary singer Kishore Kumar’s birthday. And I chanced upon one of his most memorable songs while shuffling channels on TV. The song is from ‘Aap Ki Kasam’ (1974, J.Om Prakash, starring Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz and Sanjeev Kumar with music by R.D.Burman and lyrics by Anand Bakshi).

It goes like this: Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo mukam, woh phir nahin aate, woh phir nahin aate….

And it means: The moments that you live through in Life will never come back…

The film itself has a powerful message. It tells the story of a jealous and possessive husband who doubts his wife and abandons her. Only to realize, much too late, that he was wrong. The song is sung by him in the aftermath of his awakening, where he pines for the time he spent with her and realizes painfully that those times can never be gone back to again, that what is lost is lost!

This is so true with all our lives’ scripts too. Each moment is so precious. And if we are not alive to the moment, living in the moment, it is gone. Forever. Heraclitus (535~475 B.C), the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, has said: “You never step into the same river twice.” What he means is that, Life, like a river, is ever flowing. It is always in motion. If you step into it once, it has changed by the time you have stepped into it another time. Similarly, with each passing moment, Life changes. In a new moment, which will never come back, you have a new opportunity to live. Using that moment, living it fully, is up to you. If you are going to be caught up with debilitating emotions like anger, worry, sorrow, greed and jealousy, you are sure to miss that never-again opportunity! Remember, no one’s getting any younger. And all of us are speeding towards our deaths – albeit at different speeds!!!

So, seize the moment. Live each moment – fully, joyously! Make your Monday Magnificent….begin, if you wish, by listening to that immortal Kishoreda melody here…