Sow the seeds of love and bliss, harvest abundance!

The first step you take is what leads you to the last step.
The seed becomes the tree and also the fruit. So, if the seed is of bitter gourd, you are not going to get tomatoes from it. Unless you discover what you have done wrong, maybe get rid of all the bitter gourd growth, till your garden and sow tomato seeds, you ain’t gettin’ no tomatoes!
The problem is with the way we have all been brought up. And the problem is with the way we continue to bring up our kids. We have been taught that to be successful, you must be the first in your class, you must compete and vanquish the rest, you must not trust people__neighbors, classmates, even extended family because you ‘may hurt yourself or even be cheated’. We have been taught that security comes from money. And so we must only choose vocations where there’s money. But the soul demands nourishment from love, joy and bliss as you reach your 40s and beyond. And by the time you start seeking it__which is why you are on this Blog and reading this post!!!__your seed of ‘me-firstism and money-over-joy’ has grown to become a big, big tree and looks seemingly infallible. This tree will bear only the fruit of ‘insecurity and incompleteness’. You are insecure about many aspects of your Life and you know that already! In order to help yourself to the fruit called bliss, you must sow the seed of love – of loving Life and accept it for what it is. You must tend the plant, as it sprouts, with joy. Only then will your soul feel blissful.

The biggest gift that we can give our children__and indeed to all of mankind__is to encourage them to take the right steps, sow the right seeds and lead them to follow their bliss. You don’t want them to feel the way you are at your age, do you? If you want them to live intelligently, let them to be successful with and in love, egg them on to immerse themselves in what they simply love doing and you stop worrying about them. When we sow the seeds of love and bliss in our own families, we will harvest abundance.