Listen to your inner voice

Take the whole responsibility for your Life. Do not let someone else decide what is good or bad for you.
Each of us has an inner core in which our peace and bliss lie embedded. These are our ‘inbuilt features’ that were a part of us even as we were created. However, instead of knowing that our core is programmed for peace and bliss, we operate at the periphery. Nothing wrong in flirting with non-essential and periphery things__the materialism that pervades our world__except that we cannot expect to find peace and bliss in the periphery. When we don’t find peace and bliss, we become impatient, distressed, jealous, even angry with Life. And so we start look to Godmen and perform special prayers in places of worship, expecting the cloud to clear. And hope fervently for peace and bliss to descend into our Lives. Interestingly, however, peace and bliss must ascend from within you and not descend into you! And no soothsayer, no Godman, no self-styled messiah can show you the way to your inner core. When you know that you have the ability to Live a Life of purpose, true love, peace and bliss, why would you need someone to assist you?
Osho, the Master, says this, ever so beautifully, “When you are singing then what is the need for the singer? Let the singer melt into the song, and each moment of Life starts taking the qualities of truth, of beauty, of blissfulness.”
Don’t look outside of you for directions to Intelligent Living. Listen to your inner core, your inner voice, do whatever your true nature is. Even if you go wrong occasionally, you will learn from it, but, remember, you will never lose your way! When you are responsible for __ and in __ your Life, you will find peace and bliss!

Remain untouched at the core, Just Keep Walking…!

When something you value falls apart, don’t let the experience touch your inner core.
In one of the papers this morning I saw the painful statement issued by Jignesh Shah, the former non-executive vice-chairman of MCX, who is in the middle of the Rs.5,600-crore payment imbroglio at NSEL (National Spot Exchange Limited): “The NSEL crisis has destroyed everything that I have worked hard to build over the past two decades. My loss is not just financial but what has hurt me and my family most is the concerted effort to destroy my credibility and trust for which I have lived by all my Life.” Shah’s example is just a case in point. The question here is not who causes a crisis, or a painful situation, but should always be about how can one work his or her way out of the situation. And the path to getting out of a messy or painful situation can be laid more swiftly, more efficiently, only when your inner core remains untouched.
This happens to all of us all the time. We get stopped in our tracks by what someone did to us or said to us. Suddenly we lose all the momentum we had built because we are socked, and shocked, by what has happened. Let’s say your boss says something harsh at work. Or does something to deny you a fair appraisal. If you allow that event or comment to touch your inner core, you will be in grief. You will lose your peace of mind. And your momentum, your energy levels will be impacted. Your mind will force you to keep thinking about that person and that event – so much so that you will be living in that event, and not in the moment. All this happens because you allowed your inner core to be touched, to be stirred.
There’s a way to remain untouched. Which is to focus on what must be done. If it is a case of unfair treatment at work, look for a new job. If a business crisis has rocked your Life, focus on putting the business back on track. If a friendship you value is in disarray, learn to look beyond that relationship. Remember you can’t control how people will behave or how Life will deal with you. Often times in Life, whatever happens to you may seem to be very unfair. But when did Life promise any fair-play?
So let events and people be just the way they are. You simply move on. Don’t pause to mourn or moan about what happened. That is not going to help. What will help is for you to awaken with the pain that the event brings in its wake, refuse to take it into you, and simply move on! Or  Just, as a Johnny Walker label that stares at me from my bar counter says,  Keep Walking…!

There’s a great beauty in doing nothing and just being!

An unexpected change in schedules, leaving you with nothing to do for a few hours, can actually be a blessing in disguise. I rediscovered this from experience yesterday, 

Around mid-day yesterday a couple of my schedules ended up being changed at the last minute. I was left in a very busy city, with a whole afternoon at my disposal, with not much money on me and without anything to do. I could have gone back to where I was staying. But the catch was I was needed by early evening to be at another meeting downtown. I realized I had nothing to do for five hours!

For the first few minutes I was clueless. Then it began to rain. First a small drizzle. And then a steady downpour. I stepped out of my car on impulse and started to walk in the rain. Up ahead in front of me the sea was choppy and dark clouds gathered menacingly. There was something beautiful I thought about this moment even though my real world was in the throes of a grave crisis. I kept walking, unmindful (which is very unlike me!) that my shoes were soiled and my clothes drenched. I am not a typical rain person__as my wife and children will tell you!. But there was something uplifting about the entire experience. I started to be enjoy it!

I was soon reminded of Johnnie Ray’s 1956 rendition of Johnny Bragg and Robert Riley’s classic ‘Just Walkin’ in the Rain….!’. I didn’t recall the lyrics instantaneously but the song’s mood swept me away. In about 20 minutes, I was lost to the rain, the ocean, the clouds and the horizon. The wind blowing into my face made the raindrops feel cold and sharp. In that time I had no feeling or sense of anything I was dealing with. All morning I had been battling a crisis and was due to deal with it again later in the evening and all through next week. But my rain experience, born out of a fortuitous change in schedules, reconnected me to my inner self. As I walked in the rain, I actually seemed to have dropped anchor and found my beautiful, undisturbed, inner core in the process!

That rain experience was a reaffirmation for me that it is perfectly fine to be doing nothing sometimes. And just being. We don’t have to be rushing through Life all the time. No time is better than now to stop and smell the roses, pause and stare endlessly into the sky or walk in the rain! Our daily lives will be full of twists, turns, tragedies, challenges, ups and downs. We can’t expect everything to be perfect for us to live and experience Life’s beauty and magic! There’s no better time than now to live. Because maybe, if we don’t break free from those situations that hold us back and if we don’t choose to live fully now when we have the time, we may still get an opportunity to live a Life that we always wanted to, but there simply may not be enough time! Have a great Saturday….and here’s the link to that memorable song meanwhile….