A Life lesson from a Japanese manufacturing method

Just-In-Time. When you review your Life so far, you will discover that you may have never always got what you wanted, but whatever you needed has always been there. And if it was not there in the beginning, it has always arrived Just-In-Time!
There is no moment in anyone’s Life that they have spent without having what they needed at that moment. Even so, a large mass of humanity grieves over scarcity, or the lack of what it feels is needed, without realizing that the Creator is not only benevolent but also an astute Mastermind, an amazing Logistics Manager, who knows what to provide for whom, when, where and how! On a lighter plane, with some hope of being logical, it may be right to presume that the Creator must be having Japanese roots! The Japanese, led by Toyota Corporation, have perfected a golden method in manufacturing called JIT – Just-In-Time. JIT reduces in-process inventory, and therefore allied costs, ensuring quality, efficiency and enhancing return-on-investment. The JIT process relies on visual signals, or Kanban in Japanese, between different points in the manufacturing process that tells production when to make the next part. Nothing happens earlier. Nothing happens later. So it is in Life. Unknown to us, the Universe’s sensors detect, perhaps, invisible Kanban, and we always receive whatever we need at any given moment. Our trying to control the process is of no use, because, in reality, we were and are neverin control.

All our suffering is on account of us trying to control this process called Life! Instead, if we acknowledge the Universe’s, the Creator’s, design and appreciate that the ultimate, overall objective is to enhance the quality of our Life __ through our experience and learnings__ we will journey along in peace. Trusting that, without fail, whatever we need will always be available to us Just-In-Time, will lead us to inner peace. When in peace we always experience bliss!