This lifetime is a limited period offer

Value the opportunity in (and of) this lifetime. There may not be another as far as we know it!
I met someone recently who said that while he valued being an Indian, he valued owning an American passport more. He said, “With an American passport you can travel to most places in the world. With an Indian passport, you have to keep seeking visas to enter many countries.”
I don’t disagree with his logic. Of course he has a point. But I guess to be born human is the biggest opportunity that we often fail to recognize, let alone value. This human Life is the most valuable passport we can ever ask for. Wayne Dyer, one of the most profound thinkers of our time, passed away last week at 75. I have learned a lot from him and have benefited immensely from imbibing his philosophy. He often used to say: “Stop acting as if Life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.”   

Think about this deeply. We have all been created, we are born, without our asking. For all we care, we may well have been created as the swine that gives the flu than be created as the human that gets the flu from the swine. So, to be human, to be alive and to be able to read this post means a lot. It means that you are more blessed than several million other people on the planet – who don’t have vision, education, literacy, a computer or access to internet. Your lifetime is a limited period offer. Value it, avail of it, use it, live it fully while it lasts.

Live and savor the experience of this lifetime

Learn to love whatever is happening to you.

Live for the experience. Don’t live for comfort or for an easy Life. Don’t live hoping for no problems. Don’t live expecting something or the other. Expectations always bring agony when they are not met! Just live for the experience. And you will always live happy!

If you examine the source of all your unhappiness, it always boils down to one thing. Your Life is not what you had expected it to be, therefore, you are not happy! Now, where does this thinking come from? Perhaps, from a naïve perspective – from a futile expectation that you were created to live in comfort, in the security of a good job, an assured income, an ever-present and ever-caring family, meaningful relationships and to be in perpetual good health. Nothing can be farther from the truth and you cannot be more ill-informed. When did Life guarantee any of these ‘ideal’ conditions or anything that you want? Life guarantees only the experience of this one lifetime. And it is within this experience that we must find happiness.

So, the simplest way to live will be to experience and savor each moment, each phase, each episode in your Life. Some of it to your liking. Some of it not to your liking. But whatever it is, know that it is always what it is!