At the edge, there’s no fear, only bliss!

Go to the edge with Life! Know that you will either get a hand that will hoist you up or you will be taught how to fly!
Don’t despair. Don’t fear. Just go the whole distance. Picture yourself as a kid. You were scared of dark rooms. But your parent told you NOT to fear and to walk alongside him or her. You did. And you overcame that fear. The same principle works here too. In Life. Just know that Life will NOT let you down. So go to the edge. If you don’t you will spend the rest of your Life grieving that you should have gone!
The edge I talk about here is not metaphorical. Sometimes a career situation or a relationship break-down or a health condition – anything can take you to the edge. The other day we met someone who worked with IBM for 15 years in the UK and ended up with having to go through a messy divorce with his wife. She wanted a lot more alimony than what was due to her. The man quit his job and transferred all his cash and assets to her name and came down to Pondicherry to start Life anew. Simply, just like that! Another person we know had to spend all his money on getting a fix to a crippling cancer that was in its fourth stage. The doctors said he stood no chance. But miraculously he has been cured. He says, “Until sometime back, I had lots of money and did not stand a chance to survive. I had no Life. Now I have no money, but I have a Life!” So, all of us do go to the edge – in our own unique ways. But we tend to approach it with fear. Instead face up to whatever it is. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is what fear delivers if you look the fear in the eye and face it squarely.
Remember: Life is not to be lived seeking security in everything around you. Life is an adventure that has to be gone through. There will be pulsating and nerve-wracking, agonizing and endurance-testing days, weeks, months and years – at times. But live them all the same. Without fear. In true faith. It is only then that you actually live. At all other times, when you are in your comfort zone, you only exist!  
The fear of the edge only exists till you reach it. Like the fear of any unknown. Once you are there, at the edge, and let go, you will find that there’s no fear, only bliss!