From a weak-end Life to a perpetual weekend mode!

There isn’t a situation called Monday Morning Blues or a disease called Monday Paralysis! It’s all in our mind.
I saw a post on facebook, ostensibly a clipping from a newspaper, that “warned” people that today, January 19, 2015, was likely to be the year’s most “unhappy” day! Reason: people are likely to be faced with several downers from debt to low motivation levels. I humbly disagree. I don’t think any day can be unhappy as long as we learn to accept whatever is in our Life. Simple. When we accept what is, and learn to live with the Life that we have, we will be the happiness we seek! In fact, if we choose to work on what we love and love what we work on, we will be in a perpetual weekend mode. Of course, there is a need for all of us to do some clerical, administrative stuff__like paying bills, filing, running errands at home__some time each week. If we can assign two days of the week to do those things, and we work only on what we love at all other times, we can pretty much enjoy a 5-day weekend and have a 2-day week (when we do the boring, monotonous stuff).
But, how would I be able to do stuff that I love doing without letting it affect my income stream, you may argue? You are right. When you make a switch from doing what you don’t exactly love__but you keep doing it to stay afloat, earn-a-living and survive__to what you love, there may well be a loss of income. But that will be only temporary. Once you operate from your inner core of joy, your earning potential, as much as your spiritual quotient, will multiply!

And instead of leading a weak-end Life, you will live in a perpetual weekend mode__enjoying the scenery, Working, Loving and Living!