Your Life’s Perfect as it is

For much of our lives, especially our childhood and our young adulthood, we grow up imagining that we are causing our success and failures. Yes, our efforts do count. But what I have learnt from Life is that the outcomes are not – and never were – in our hands.
There are times when things go the way you wanted them to, the way you had planned for them to happen. And there are times when they simply don’t work out – despite all your planning, nothings works! In either situation, there is no need to believe that you caused the outcomes. You – and I – are only a tool in the grander cosmic scheme of things. The cosmic design, I believe, is Life’s Master Plan. And the Master Plan has no flaws. To be sure, everything in your Life is exactly the way it is supposed to be. The key to self-awareness and spiritual growth is to know that when expectations are not met,  it is not a condition to despair. And that when they are exceeded, there is no need to exult. Stay anchored. Stay in faith. Neither pain nor comfort can (or must) impact your inner joy. As the Buddha said: “When you realize how perfect everything in your Life is, you will tilt your head, look up at the sky and laugh!”
That state, and your ability to laugh at the sky, is your bliss!