Onward…with a song in your heart!

No matter what, keep smiling. Keep having fun! I know it is difficult. But there no better way to get the best out of the Life that’s been given to us! Life loves those who continue to do what they do when everything’s going fine, even when nothing’s going fine! Think about it. If suppose you have a friend who is depressed. How much time will you invest in motivating this person to move on? To accept Life for what it is, and simply get going? You will probably visit this person every day for several weeks. And then finally, you will start tapering off… Your visits will become biweekly, weekly and then fortnightly. Why? Because who wants to be sitting around with a perpetually, adamantly, depressed person? The same is true with Life too. If you sulk, Life sulks too. If you exult, Life exults too. So, the best way to deal with the ever-changing rhythm of Life is to keep journeying along with a song in your heart!
The song in your heart is a powerful method to stay anchored and positive while in the throes of a crisis or even, simply, on a demanding day. What happens when you listen to a new, catchy song? Or even an ad jingle. It just stays in your head. And keeps playing on and on. Now, follow the same principle when you are facing a hard time. Pull back a song you love from your memory and let it play on in you. Every waking moment march along with that song in your heart. Your problems may not diminish or vanish with this technique, but the journey at least will seem easier.
Sulking can’t help your situation in any way. Just as frowning and frustration can’t. To be sure, smiling can’t solve your problems either. But it can brighten the environment and bring some cheer. And why would you want to say no to some bright sunshine mid-way through a cold, stormy, squally day?