Accept Life’s verdict as it is

Don’t see anything as a loss in Life. See it as someone else winning!  
A simple way to remain peaceful in the face of a perceivable loss is to partake in the joy of winning that someone else is experiencing. Be it a high-school debate that your child did not win or an admission to a premier academic program that she failed to get! Be it a job you did not get or a companion that you were unable to convince to marry you. Or the loss of business opportunity to a competitor. Whatever you don’t get, remember, someone else always does. And they do get it, because that’s the way it is__that’s the way it is ordained to be! This applies to even the passing away of someone very dear. Just accepting Life’s verdict as it is can be liberating.
Additionally, sharing in the joy of the winner, in cases where you were in the reckoning but did not win, is an awakening experience. It helps retain your focus and energizes you completely. On the other hand, grieving over a loss can be debilitating and can cause inertia, depression and subsequent inaction. Again it is a matter of personal choice. Do you want to be celebrating everything in Life__including someone else’s victory__or do you want to spend time lamenting over what you did not get?
It’s a no-brainer: choose joy over grief. It’s so simple. If you inquire within, all you want and need in Life is happiness. Here’s one sure way of finding it and inviting it to be a part of your Life!