When you flow with Life, you will be soaked in abundance

Only those who have experienced abundance in their lives will know how to attract it and the value it creates.
Abundance is not about having money and material riches. It is the ability to laugh, smile and be happy even when you have nothing material with you. It is the inner peace that helps you sleep well – no matter what circumstances confront and confound you. This abundance is attracted when you let go and simply flow with Life. Letting go here means not worrying – about a still unborn future – and ridding yourself of grief and guilt – about a dead past. When you live your Life, flowing with Life, you will be soaked in abundance!
A few days ago, we were invited to a Page 3 event at a five-star hotel. The event was being organized by a good friend. And although we are not the Page 3 sort – we had never attended a Page 3 event before this – we decided to go check out what it was all about. The event got over in good time and as we were exiting the hotel, we bumped into a friend who was staying there. He invited us to his room, where a few of his other friends joined us. Soon the get together turned into an impromptu party. Someone sang a song. And then others followed. It was so much fun. Finally, well past midnight, we wound up.
As we were taking the elevator down, one of the guests who was aware of our problems and my forthcoming book , asked me: “AVIS, how is it that you are able to be so happy despite all that you are going through?”
I replied: “I am not sure I know the answer to your question. But I do know that being unhappy and brooding over my problems can certainly not help me solve them.”
To be sure, letting go – dropping the worry and the grief – did not come easily. It was difficult. In almost all situations the human mind strives to make you believe that you control your Life. But what do you do when you make all efforts to put things back in order, turn things around and yet the threads of your Life are snatched away from you, knotted up like a ball of wool would be, and are discarded far and beyond – again and again and again? Letting go does not mean not picking up those threads again. It means not feeling defeated when they are taken and cast away from you one more time. Letting go therefore does not mean being complacent or irresponsible or reckless. It simply means being in a calm, stoic acceptance of your current reality, while working patiently to change it. When you are this way, calm and accepting, you are peaceful and happy.
Now, inner peace and happiness are deeply personal. So, it is possible that someone looking at your Life from outside will conclude that you cannot be happy when you are placed in grievous or challenging circumstances. Or, if such a person had a narrow view of Life, they would be quick to judge and conclude that being happy is a sin. I have learnt to let people say or think whatever they want to. In my choosing to let go and be happy, I have been able to attract abundance in my Life. This abundance, I have realized, is critical to be able to face Life’s challenges and to live each day meaningfully. In the end, it’s not how long you live that matters. What counts is how well you lived – enjoying the Life that you have been given!

Author: AVIS Viswanathan

the happynesswala - Inspired Speaker, Life Coach and Author of "Fall Like A Rose Petal"; Inspiring 'Happyness'!

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