2 thoughts on “Only gratitude and surrender, not religion or ritual, lead you to happiness”

  1. Beautiful lines……Prayer is nothing but a way of expressing gratitude – Thank ‘you’, Thank ‘you’, Thank ‘you’! And prayer itself denotes surrender – I don’t know, I don’t understand, so I give myself up to ‘you’. The ‘you’ here is the Higher Energy, Creation.

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  2. Matha,Pitha,Guru,Daivam are the four corners of your own Protrait that is mounted on the wall called LIFE.
    LIFE is an opportunity blessed on you by the Creator who presented before You in the form of Matha, Pitha,Guru, and Daivam.
    Since I started my career as a full time lecturer in an Arts &Science College, in Bombay, hence I tend to seek solutions to every problem through digital eyes viz through the discovery of (0) meaning the zero within by being Silent and ready to accept the status quo,in every situation.However knowing well that, If at all THERE IS ANYTHING PERMANENT IN THIS LIFE,IT IS ONLY CHANGE AND HENCE THE STRENGTH YOU NEED TOP DEVELOP TO BE HAPPY ALL THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE IS TO ADAPT YOURSELF.
    From day one of your life, you are either at the center of a circle (o) or on the Circumference of various concentric circles called stage in life from Birth(0) representing the start say Zero, to Death.(00) representing Infinity .Life to me is a journey from Zero to Infinity.From day one ,the activity that we are engaged is breathing in and breathing out.When we gasp for breath we conclude that we are Unhappy ,otherwise we are deemed to be happy.Talking digitally, let us presume that we need to plan life for 100 years. Circle has 360* and living to me is factoring 360*.I know that number *7* can not be factored into 360*,while (7.5 ) can be factored into 360* meaning that if you could discover that 0.5 to be added to your complexity of options before you,to discover that integrating factor and for brevity we call it GOD(Give Others Dues) factor which enables you factorize and to move ahead in life,meaning to be happy in life ahead.I find whenever we hit a prime number say 11.13,17,1923,29,31,37 41,43,47,49,53,59,61,67,71,73,79,83,89,,91,97,101,when we are involuntarily asked to review your progress w.r.t Past,Present and Future check points you pass by on your life ahead towards your destination.GOD REALIZATION IS NOTHING BUT BEING ABLE TO GIVE OTHER*S THEIR DUES.GIVE AND FORGIVE MUST BE YOUR YARD STICK TO MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS TOWARDS ETERNAL HAPPINESS. WHICH COMES ALONG ON YOUR EVER PROACTIVE PATH REINFORCED BY YOUR PRO ACTIVE ATTITUDE IN DISCOVERING THAT 0.5% INTEGRATING FACTOR WHICH EMPOWERS YOU TO FACTORIZE EVERY CONFRONTING SITUATION AND LEAD YOU TO THE DESTINATION CALLED HAPPINESS WHICH IS MORE INTRINSIC THAN OTHERWISE.


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