4 thoughts on “The Confessions and Learnings of Two “Failed” Entrepreneurs”

  1. Avis Viswanathan and Vaani Anand – This post took me long than the 7 mins…for I was reading and re-reading few sentences. AVIS everyday mailers are the few things I dont miss reading. This post today made me pause and ponder. Life is full of surprises and you keep embracing it and flow with it as much as you can. I had similar experiences, not in the entrepreneurship journey but the way life kept throwing its wildest surprises. Being Penniless and being numb is an experience that actually brings out the best in you – the real you. Being resilient and consistently positive is not that easy, but doing it often makes it a happen and glad we both have this in common…
    .nextly, point 2 on Failure….no one likes failures…but believe me failure of being penniless to buy milk for your child or feed your family, brings out the fire in the belly to thrive more harder..and harder till the F word gets its shit out of our lives….I can now embrace failures the way I enjoy success..for I know that life is vicious circle..to start again from Zero is no longer feared…..
    Point no 3 of being useful – I have been reading your posts and following you closely and the way your transformed of being happynesswalas is not only inspiring but also thought-provoking. Each one of us who experienced life hard realities, will be strong enough to give back…necessarily not money or materialistic things, but ample amount of time and kindness. Kudos to you both for doing this amazing journey ….I am equally happy for myself for pushing my limits in being useful outside my inner circle as well….there is no expectation out of this,,other than sheer inner happiness that we experience of being useful

    VGS death is a stark reminder on how much the society needs a tab on mental wellness above everything else- be it business success, materialistic wealth, fame, family, support, there is always a need for a strong positive emotional wellness. May be we can help few around us, sharing our stories of resilience, positiveness and how we survive our numbness situations

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  2. Avis,
    You had put down the points very nicely and with the experience you had. All certain done, at any point of time even in extreme conditions, one should not resort to Suicide. Mental stability and well being is most important which many entrepreneurs and high calibre employees lose sight off. Money and fame is not the only thing in life. Excellent post. Hope lot many read this post mainly those people who had are in higher positions and who need to take their financial decisions due to death of VGS.


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