Be aware and choose your battles wisely

You can find peace in Life by doing the opposite of what’s expected of you, by people around you, in any challenging situation.
If someone betrays your trust, keep trusting. If someone breaks your heart, keep loving. If someone insults you, forgive. If someone suppresses you, stifles you, give more of yourself to that person. This does not mean that you are subjecting yourself to being a doormat. This is what rising in humanity really means. This is keeping Life at what it is__keeping it human. It means being aware and choosing to be who you are – no matter what the insinuation against you is, no matter what you are told.
I am dealing with someone with whom I have never had any great chemistry. For some time, we seem to have had a truce of sorts – a working relationship where we cautiously communicated with each other. Yesterday, that truce fell apart. I was expected to show up for a showdown – which is what I would have done just a few years ago! But I chose not to fight this time. Not to enter into a war of words. Not to justify or prove a point. I have simply chosen to be silent – to have nothing more to say. Because all that had to be said has been told. And I realize that I will never be understood ever. So, why waste precious time and energy? Why soak in the negativity, which is really what this person embodies?
At the core of our creation, we are all pure. The negativity that surrounds us is but a veil, a veneer, which has been accumulated over years of experiences, most of them that did not meet our expectations from Life. The reason we are suffering in and with almost everything __ relationships, jobs, parenting, with our health, with our money __ is because we are trapped beneath those layers of negativity. Like we peel an onion, we must peel off the layers. The betrayed person is not you. The betrayal was just an experience. You are pure and still trusting. The hating person is not you. The hating was just an experience that occurred in a situation. You are loving at your core. The insult is not you. The insult was just a word, thrown at you, and, surely, it didn’t stick. You can remain untainted, blemishless, just the way you were when you were born, if you choose your battles wisely! Sometime, sooner than later, you will realize that being at peace with yourself while giving up wanting to be seen as right is simpler and better than winning against someone by proving them wrong!
Be aware of all the negativity around and choose wisely. To remain unmoved, unaffected, by anyone or anything, by Life, is bliss.

Author: AVIS Viswanathan

the happynesswala - Inspired Speaker, Life Coach and Author of "Fall Like A Rose Petal"; Inspiring 'Happyness'!

One thought on “Be aware and choose your battles wisely”

  1. Thanks again Avis sir for creating a lesson for us from a personal chapter of your life. I pray that the tide turns and things definitely change for the better!


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