2 thoughts on “Scent of Negativity or Aura of Abundance – your choice!”

  1. AVIS, you have managed to convey so simply here what Krishna in His Gita, Buddha, and all the great thinkers and philosophers have tried telling us, that be detached from your circumstances. Keep your equilibrium in whatever circumstances you are in. We grew up on these words.. Read them time and again.. But the impact of what you said was instantaneous! Could immediately relate to it!

    Though am myself not much of an Astrology person, I have run an Astrology Service for good 10 years and still run it. I hardly ever consult my Astrologers but I know the frenzy with which people have spent lakhs per month on wanting to know the right time, moment, name, and occurrences of events in their lives in the present and in the future. I really do not fault them. Its like an Uncle once told me, about need of Astrology in one’s life, is that a sick person is the one who would go to every kind of Doctor to cure himself. So it is more of the moral support that one gets by leaning on every pillar that is available.. And as I tell every Astrologer I recruit, you are actually ‘soothsayers’, in the sense that you need to sooth the souls who come to you. You are a Counselor with greater power to sooth the soul, as they think you can see their past, present and future and so what you say has a greater impact. But, like you said, tiding over a circumstance is more in how you handle it rather than in a ritual involved in rectifying it. That is my learning. The ritual might give you a moral support, with a feeling that you are doing a good thing. So one builds a positivity around them, because of the ritual, but that by itself is powerless unless you believe in it. So ultimately, like you said, the only thing that can work is being “willing to unconditionally, unquestioningly, flow with the present, with what is! And there is only abundance in the present moment!”

    I have very recently broken free from an atmosphere which was pure negativity, in which I had wallowed for 28 long years. Though there was a lot of belief in a God and ritualism was at its extreme, in that atmosphere, there was no positivity, which was suffocating. And the battle to keep this positivity, in the face of so much negativity, was the biggest challenge. Every other challenge was very easy in comparison. So as I mentioned during my introduction to you, I am still an ‘apprentice Dreamer’, waiting to learn from the likes of you, who have let yourselves dream and believe. More Power to Vaani and you!


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