One thought on “More on why, when and how to “walk away” and the art of “non-suffering””

  1. I did just that a month back! Just about the time that you and me got connected! I wanted to walk away every single day of the 28 years that I ploughed on and hoped some miracle would turn things around for me. But nothing did! Neither all the effort I put in to share a dignity of life, nor the physical effort, nor the pleadings to the unknown divine, and ultimately neither opening up the box of worms for all to see and scrutinize and help me in some way to get out of that suffocating stifling conditions I lived in. The only way I have seemed to some extent have found my balance now is by distancing myself from those conditions. In so many other ways, it is so much more tougher. But am able to face it all without that cloying sense of something totally negative lurking behind every action of mine.

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