3 thoughts on “Your wishing cannot change the Life you have”

  1. I do not agree completely with your article, if it was true as mentioned in your article that what ever has to happen will happen and no body can change it , then why any body will work,,… we will take life as it is because even if i work hard, nothing is going to change, it will remain as it is. By your article it seems that you want to mention the famous dialogue of movie Anand where rajesh khanna mention that we are just a kat putli or a role player in this world who has come to perform his role and once the role is over……… life and role ends. There may be some truth but definitely your faith in god ,his guidance and your karma plays an important role in guiding your life. Otherwise why it happen then sometimes from a good family boy attains new heights in his activities and in some case he become a disappointed or not wanted in society and even vice versa. This are my personal views

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