The 4-way test to set you free

Detachment is not difficult; once you understand what it is, you will celebrate it!

“What’s the best way to practice detachment,” asked a reader. He added that he found it so difficult to do – “I feel very emotional about people or things; I guess I can never ever be detached.”

There is no way to practice detachment, really. Detachment is the way to inner peace.

To understand and embrace detachment, consider these four questions:

  1. Haven’t you been growing older – biologically, that is?
  2. Over the years, haven’t you had to replace things around you – gadgets, vehicles, machines and stuff – because they have worn out?
  3. Haven’t you lost money?
  4. Haven’t you lost people around you owing to death or misunderstandings?

Invariably, you may have answered ‘yes’ to all questions. And that’s how you discover that you are capable of detachment. You have already learnt to be detached. The four questions pertain to what’s true for all of us. Over time, your youth, stuff that you own, your money, wealth, assets and the people around you – everything and everyone, who you claim is yours, will be taken away. That’s the way it always has been. That’s the way it will be in the future too. When you examine and accept these truisms, you will not just embrace detachment, you will celebrate it!


When you are detached, you will be living your Life – free and easy. You will be soaked in inner peace. Then your energy will not be frittered away in the form of ego, anger, grief, guilt, worry, anxiety, stress and such. You know that everything shall pass, in the due course of time, and that includes you! When you are aware of this truth, when you don’t cling on to anyone or anything, you can only be at peace; you can only be happy!